Enhance Your Prepar3D v2 Experience with FTX Global from Orbx

Prepar3D v2 supports an ecosystem of very talented developers and designers who build scenery and airport addons for Prepar3D.


A great highlight of this partnership is Orbx. Orbx develops extremely high fidelity, award-winning environment and scenery expansions for Prepar3D.

Orbx recently took their beautiful approach to re-imagining life-like airports and regions for Prepar3D and applied them to the entire Prepar3D globe. Orbx FTX Global creates an entirely new simulation experience for Prepar3D users.

FTX Global Feature Overview and Highlights
  • Orbx Simulation Systems – fullterrain.com
  • Total upgrade of your Prepar3D base world texture set – the entire globe re-imagined
  • New ground and autogen textures, 3D night lighting system, and more!
  • For more information, visit the FTX Global Product Page
Exclusive FTX Global Image Gallery in Prepar3D v2.2