Sensor Sneak Peak


Hi Everyone

I have a couple of screenshots of some of the sensor work that the team is implementing in Prepar3D.   In military and law enforcement, there are sensors attached to cameras that measure infrared radiation to come up with an image.  These are used, particularly at night, in order to see the landscape in front of you and pick out objects that are emitting heat.  There are two main types of infrared sensor imagery.  “Infrared Black Hot” (IR BH) where the warmer the object, the darker it appears, and “Infrared White Hot” (IR WH), which means that the hotter and object, the whiter it appears.  The images below show a night scene in Prepar3D, with the IR BH sensor on. 

Prepar3D Night View
Prepar3D IR BH Screenshot

 ….and here is another shot showing the sensor view embedded in a gauge:

IR View in a gauge

Another shot of the IR view in a gauge. 



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