PILOT’S Almeria Airport

The Prepar3D team is continued to be impressed by all the major recent airport developments by third party developers using our SDK. We’d like to showcase a great example from PILOT’s and their Almeria airport scenery add-on. Take off from scenic southeast Spain with PILOT’S Almeria airport scenery. Winner of the Mutley’s Hangar Gold Award, this popular holiday destination is brought to life with highly-detailed updates to the airport as well as the surrounding scenery. The possibilities are endless in Prepar3D with our recent enhancements provided in Prepar3D v4.3. For more information visit https://www.pilots.shop

SDK Available for Download

The Prepar3D SDK is now available on the download page! http://www.prepar3d.com/downloads/ The SDK documentation is now part of the new Learning Center launcher.  After installation of the SDK, a shortcut will appear in your Start Menu called ‘SDK Learning Center.’  This can also be found in the SDK installation directory in \LC\LearningCenter.exe You can choose an article,  select the Add to Favorites Star, and customize your own SDK articles in the ‘Favorites’ section. Here is a screenshot: Enjoy!